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We are specialists in criminal law, criminal law for tax offences and business criminal law.

Dr. Tobias Rudolph, Franziska Fladerer, Christian Krauße, LL.M. Eur., and Sabine Gröne work as lawyers and defence lawyers in Nuremberg. Dr. Tobias Rudolph is a specialist lawyer for criminal law and specialist lawyer for tax law as well as a certified expert consultant for criminal law for tax offences. Franziska Fladerer is a specialized lawyer for criminal law.

The lawyers take on proxies from all fields of classic criminal law. This includes preliminary proceedings under criminal law, prosecutions before the County Court or the Regional Court as well as the likes of defence in the case of being remanded in custody or in appeals and revisions.

One particular specialisation of the firm of lawyers is criminal proceedings, which requires particular knowledge from other fields of law such as tax law, medical criminal law or internet law.

Defence in criminal law for tax offences is characterised by focusing on the tactical issues of the criminal proceedings as well as the tax-related consequences for the client.

Practical experience in dealing with the investigators from the fiscal authority is just as important as the professional collaboration with qualified tax advisors. As one of the first certified expert consultants for criminal law for tax offences in Germany and as a “double specialist lawyer” for criminal law and tax law, Dr. Rudolph is particularly skilled in the competencies for drawing up and strategically creating mitigating self-reports of tax evasion.

Even in business criminal law, besides high qualifications in law, life experience and farsightedness are demanded. The defence, for example, in the process of being prosecuted for fraud or embezzlement, requires in addition to knowledge of criminal, that of civil law, to be able to capture the complex economic correlations. This applies to the defence of being accused of corruption, insolvency offences or in Internet criminal law to the same extent as to defending company fines.

The lawyers at Rudolph Rechtsanwälte in Nuremberg represent both individuals and companies, in particular in fighting corruption or preventing criminal offences at work. Within the framework of corporate consultancy under criminal law, Dr. Tobias Rudolph has been appointed by several regionally and internationally active companies as external lawyer of trust for preventing corruption (“Ombudsman”). Additionally, he also works as a lecturer in compliance training of company staff.


The laws we work with are subject to constant changes.

Here, we report about the latest developments concerning cases and topics regarding criminal law from our firm.  

new criminal law specialist

In a document dated 15.12.2017, the Board of Directors of the Nuremberg Bar Association granted our colleague, Sabine Gröne, the authority to use the title of “Criminal Law Specialist” to lead.

Higher Regional Court Nuremberg: Extradition to Romania is not permitted

The law firm Rudolph Rechtsanwälte successfully defended a prisoner against the extradition to Romania. The Nuremberg Higher Regional Court has ruled that the extradition of a persecutee to Romania for the purpose of the execution of sentences is not permitted. The conditions in Romanian prisons do not meet the requirements for decent accommodation.